Date: Jun 1, 2024

Location: Harrisburg, PA, US

Company: Dorman Products

Founded and headquartered in the United States, Dayton Parts has for over a century supported the commercial vehicle market to boost driver uptime by combining the largest selection of parts with the deepest levels of service, engineering, and innovation.  Today, we have more than 3,500 employees across 28 different locations, with a family of brands that also includes SuperATV and Dorman Products. Publicly traded under the stock ticker DORM, we had revenues surpassing $1.7 billion in 2022 and over $3.5 billion in enterprise value.

We rely on everyone who works at our family of companies, regardless of role and experience, to contribute to our success. That means everyone has a unique ability to make an impact on the business and is encouraged to bring their authentic selves to work. The freedom to pursue new ideas, offer different perspectives, and grow in your career is fundamental to working at Dorman.

Job Description Form




Job Title:   Maintenance / Machinist                                                


Job Description: Setup and operate saws, lathes, drills, milling machines and grinders in order to machine new tooling and to repair or rebuild existing tooling or equipment. Moderate to heavy lifting is occasionally required to set up and to load the raw material into the machines. As needed, required to perform tasks in the plant such as repairing equipment in place, installing new tooling or components. Work performed in the plant may involve climbing, lifting, or using forklifts. Occasionally will be required to use an acetylene torch and arc or mig welder.

Essential Functions: Machine parts to the specifications on a print to tolerances within .001 of an inch using all of the above listed machines as well as hand tools. This requires excellent hand / eye coordination to start and stop the automatic feed functions of the various machines.  Must also be able to use micrometers, dial indicators, gauges and other measuring devices to ensure that parts are machined within the specified tolerances. Productivity and accuracy are both essential.          

Work Environment: Much of the work day will be spent in a machine shop setting. As needed, will work in the manufacturing environment which includes noise, smoke, heat, oil and grease.



*Special hazards:        X     Mechanical              Electrical                     Chemical

             Explosive          X      Other

Describe other: Occasional climbing or working under equipment in a hot, noisy, oily environment. Significant hazards exist due to the tooling and or the part turning at a high rate of speed. Also, sharp metal chips are produced at most operations.


List the type of equipment or tools used for this position, and indicate the frequency of use:


Tools                                                  Occasionally            Frequently                Continuously


Mill, drill, lathe, grinder & Saws                                                  X                                     

Calipers, micrometers, dial indicators                                          X                                     

Other measuring devices                                                           X                                    

Hand tools                                                                               X                                     

Hand held power tools                                 X                                                                        

Arc welder and acetylene torch                     X                                                                                    

Protective clothing required:   Steel toe shoes & safety glasses.  Occasionally required to use ear protection, gloves and a welding jacket.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Physical Activity:

Percentage of time during the normal work day the employee is required to:


Sit                5 (lunch)    %                              Twist     Occasional  %(   90     Degrees)

Stand           75               %                             Crawl            0                 %

Walk            10               %                             Kneel            0                 %

Lift              10               %                             Drive       Occasional        %

Squat      Occasional         %                             Climb      Occasional        %

Bend       Occasional         % (   45     Degrees)

Reach above shoulders   Occasional       %


Weight required to be lifted each normal workday:

(Occasionally 1-33%; Frequently 34-65%; Continuously 66-100%)

                       Not Required           Occasionally            Frequently                Continuously
Up to 10 lbs.                                                                          X                                           

Up to 20 lbs.                                                                          X                                          

Up to 35 lbs.                                                                          X                                          

Up to 50 lbs.                                            X                                                                      

Up to 75 lbs.                                            X                                                                      

Up to 100 lbs.                                          X                                                                      

Over 100 lbs.          X                                                                                                                      

Raw material is normally removed from a rack and carried to a saw. The material on the rack could be anywhere from floor level to approximately 7 feet high. The material is normally carried 5-20 feet to a saw. If the material is heavy or the distance is longer, a cart could be used to move the material. Tooling is normally stored in the vicinity of the machines. Heights range from floor level to approximately 6 feet high.                                                                                                                




   Repetitive use of hands:


      X       Simple grasping    10-20 lbs      Normal weight        30%       Frequency

      X       Pushing & pulling                      Normal weight        70%      Frequency

      X       Fine manipulation, required on a regular basis throughout the day.


Excellent hand / eye coordination is required. Failure to quickly disengage a feed function during a machining process could result in damage to the part, the machine as well as injury to the operator. Fine manipulation is required to adjust the machines and to check the work using micrometers throughout the entire day.                                                                                                 



Sensory requirements: Must be able to communicate with supervisor, engineering as well as fellow employees. Good vision is essential to properly set up and operate machines to specified tolerances. Touch is important when making fine adjustments to machines. Also much of the tooling and metal chips that are removed during the machining processes are hot. Hearing is important. A change in the sound of a machining process is usually the first indication of a problem. Hearing is also important when working in manufacturing where many activities are happening at the same time.                


Dorman Products is an equal opportunity employer; we value a combination of ideas, perspectives, and cultures at our company. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.  EEO/AA Employer M/F/D/V.

Nearest Major Market: Philadelphia
Nearest Secondary Market: Harrisburg

Job Segment: MIG Welding, Machinist, Industrial, Welding, Electrical, Manufacturing, Engineering