Our Caring Spirit

Caring Spotlight

We offer our Contributors a day of service every year to spend on a cause they feel most passionate about. With overwhelming interest in volunteering with animals, our Warsaw, Kentucky, location launched a “Dogventures” program in partnership with Owen County Friends of Animals, Inc. Through this program, Dorman Contributors take rescued dogs out of the shelter for a few hours of quality time or a full afternoon’s adventure.

Bring Your Spirit & Caring to Dorman!

You’ll find Dorman to be a place where giving back to our own Contributors in need and those in our Communities is a priority. Create Dorman Spirit and Caring is a core Value supporting our Culture of Contribution embodied both inside of our walls and outside in our community. We encourage you and all Contributors to take advantage of 1 paid volunteer day per year to support this value and to participate in as many giving opportunities as possible – whether volunteering your time or donating to one or more of our important charities.

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