Workplace Diversity

Diversity Drives Innovation

At Dorman, we firmly believe that diversity and inclusion drives innovation. Dorman strives to bring together diverse contributors and diverse teams to gain multiple perspectives while working towards one vision.

Dorman believes that fostering a culture of inclusion will strengthen our understanding of our contributor and customer needs and together we can develop the best solutions to address today’s toughest challenges.

We want people with different abilities, backgrounds, experiences, gender identities, and orientations to come to Dorman and be successful. We want to encourage a culture that appreciates people’s differences and their similarities. 

Supporting Our Contributors

Our diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives are focused around three areas:

Talent Acquisition: Our goal is to hire, retain and develop people with different backgrounds

Learning and Development: Create a workplace culture that values and leverages our many differences and drives innovation through inclusion

Community: We partner with diverse suppliers and community organizations

Contributor Resource Groups

Dorman recently launched our first contributor resource group and additional groups are in the process of commencing over the next couple of months. Our initial contributor resource groups include:

  • Dorman Women’s Network
  • Dorman Working Parents

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